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FOREST SEMINAR is a small company that is trying to share the series of “Issoku-CHO” to the world.

FOREST SEMINAR は”Issoku-CHO”シリーズを世の中に広めようとしている小さな会社です

Designed for people

This innovation is effective in all situations.


For Health

“Walking Issoku-CHO” is aimed at those who want to walk for their health and those who are worried about their legs and hips.


・Walking Issoku-CHO

For Sports

“Trekking Issoku-CHO” is used in sports fields, such as mountain climbing, trekking, and trail running.


・Trekking Issoku-CHO

For Medical care and welfare

“Walking Cane Issoku-CHO” has a grip-shape that makes it easier to put weight on it without a strap.



Characteristics of “Issoku-CHO”

“1-foot-length” is the key word of these products, so we call them


The tip of the pole is one foot ahead. ポールの先端が1足長前方にあります。

  • You can start walking from the first step without moving the stick. 杖を移動させずに1歩目を踏み出すことができます。

The position of the grip will rise. 

  • You can walk with good posture. 姿勢よく歩くことができます。
  • It’s easy to put on weight. 楽に体重がかけられます。
  • You can use the strength of your arms effectively. 腕の力を効果的に使うことができます。

The pole will have spring effect. 

  • It absorbs shock. ショックを吸収します。
  • You can use the power to return to the original. 復元力を使うことができます。

Movement of “Issoku-CHO”

It is possible to move with less movement.


Convetional cane 従来の杖

  • You need to move the cane forward. 杖を前方に動かす必要があります。
  • The cane doesn’t bend, so the grip moves in an arc. 杖は曲がらないので、グリップは円弧状に動きます。
  • You can see that the grip moves up and down more than the first position. グリップは最初の位置よりも上下移動することがわかります。


  • You can take the first step without moving the cane. 杖を動かさずに1歩目を踏み出すことができます。
  • Issoku-CHO is curved, so the grip position doesn`t go up and down much.  Issoku-CHO は湾曲するので、グリップ位置はあまり上下しません。
  • You can use the power to return to its original shape.  元の形状に戻ろうとする力を利用することができます。

“Issoku-CHO has the power to become a world standard for walking poles, trekking poles, and walking canes.

Tatsuo MORI


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